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Onderwerp: notify sent mail on roundcube.

28-02-2017 15:39

My client mail roundcube want to receive notify about sent mail and received from destination server. But this notify mail does not return. Is locked this function on vimexx server?

01-03-2017 10:34

Hello Eugenio,

Thanks for your post on our forum.

It isn't possible to receive a delivery verification mail via Roundcube, maybe you can set this up in an email program such as Outlook?

Please let us know if you're having further questions.

01-03-2017 14:04

ok then this aren't operated functions?


01-03-2017 15:27

Hi Eugenio,

Sorry for the confusion, you're right! Those options are already active. I'll pass this trough to our system engineers, but I can't promise you that a solution would be ready soon, this because Roundcube is an external software system.

For now you can maybe set up a delivery verification via an email program such as Outlook.

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