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Onderwerp: Promote website to Google/Yahoo search

02-12-2017 08:51

Hello, i just make a website and publish online. I'm new here and i have some question...

1. How to get your website easy to find on google search? or appear first on search? Any tips are welcome. Maybe you can explain more about the SEO things? How about the spider crawler? I have no idea about all this...

2. how to set the website from www to https? I heard that if you set your website to http, that will be more secure for your website. or is there no different? 

Thank you in advance and really appreciate that. 

Regards, Ebi


04-12-2017 13:56

Hello Ebi,

1. Yes, SEO is important for your ranking in Google. You can find information about this on Google itself.

2. You need HTTPS (SSL connection) to secure your website, you can activate this with our help article:

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